Type 3K

Straight, extremely low weight shield with plastic grip
and tiltable glass frame
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Type 4K

Crimped version, with screwed on plastic grip & tiltable glass frame
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Type 4KN

Space-saving solution with settled combi-grip
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Type 2KSc

Free view full-plastic hand-shield
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Type 6K

Shipyard Shield, especially for welding in low-space-areas
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Type 6100

Suction hand-shield with connection on top and bottom
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- Hand-shields

Founded in 1981 Kunststoff POLIT GmbH nowadays is one of the leading manufacturers of passive welderprotective helmets and hand-shields.. In our own building in Heidelberg we create products made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic as well as headgears made of HDPE, which are used by several leading manufacturers and distributors of auto-darkening helmets worldwide..